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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Follow my journey..... Komen 3-Day

  Here I go again!  Taking on a new challenge - this one definitely takes me out of my comfort zone.... in more ways than one.  I am slowing the pace down and have committed to walk 20 miles for 3 consecutive days for the Susan G Komen 3-Day in Phoenix.  The event is in November and you can bet your sweet ta-ta's that I have started training.  I find it challenging to walk and not take off running. Slowing down the pace is like changing from a ski boat to a canoe.  There is so much more time to think, pray, contemplate life when I'm walking.

The other challenge is the fundraising.... definitely out of my comfort zone.  To date I have had the blessing of $600 in donations and I'm grateful for each and every dollar.  My goal is $2300 and I have faith and confidence that I can make that goal.

So far I've covered 34 miles since April 1.  Stay tuned.... it's going to get crazy!!


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