Hi! Welcome to my blog. Here you will find the ramblings of a gal who loves life, her husband, her children, running, teaching, sipping wine with a girlfriend, and helping others.

Life is too short not to say what you need to say, do what your heart desires, and make someone smile everyday.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Excited for the week

I start teaching this week and I'm so excited as well as a little nervous.  Power points are ready, lab is planned, activities organized.  I lecture 6 hours this week & have 2 two hour labs.  It's my favorite sybject - neurology & pediatrics so I'm hoping my passion will be contageous.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Pit Crew! Love my family!!!

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Amazing morning! The race was a blast! I loved seeing my husband every mile or so, cheering me on and taking pictures! My kids and grandkids were at the finish! I'm so blessed. For me, it was a huge personal accomplishment and I'm so glad I did it. It won't be my last!
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Friday, October 28, 2011

8 days and counting

I'm watching the seconds tic away on the WHM race clock and I'm filled with excitement, butterflies, a little fear and jitters.  I know I've done all I could do to prepare and now I put my body to the ultimate test.  It's been a long and often painful journey over the past 5 months.  But, I wouldn't trade a minute of it (except for a couple of the spills on the trails maybe).  I've tried hard to be aware of the journey and not just focused on the destination.  I've journaled every run and workout and it's amazing to look back over the months and see the progress.  My shuffle is loaded with awesome tunes, my shoes are worn but ready, and my heart is filled with excitement.  In the words of a fellow blogger : "You don't get it by STARING, you don't get it by WISHING, you don't get it by DROOLING, you don't get it by HOPING, you don't get it EASY. You get it by getting off your ass,
WORKING FOR IT every SECOND of every DAY for the rest of your LIFE". 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New adventure

This week I started at Carrington College as the Program Director for the Physical Therapy Assistant program.  I am so excited for this new adventure.  The opportunities and the position are amazing and seems to be a wonderful fit for me. I am looking forward to helping create and best PTA program  in Phoenix.  My list of things to do, after only 2 days is extremely long.  I have learned through training for the upcoming Women's Half Marathon that pacing myself, listening to my body, respecting rest days are aspects that I MUST carry over to my new role. 

Speaking of the WHM, less than 3 weeks !!!  YIKES!!  I can't wait.  I ran 11.5 miles on Saturday and, although I hurt more in my hips than I've ever hurt, it was incredible to finish this distance.  It gave me the confidence that I can reach that big, pink finish line!   Carrington College

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Phoenix 2011

My girlfriend Denise and I ran in the Race for the Cure on Saturday. It was an amazing event filled with so much hope and joy!  It was so humbling to see the survivors start the race event and reminded me I have so much to be grateful for.  The day was full of craziness in pink and I loved it!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I love birthdays. The day someone was born is a day the world changed again in a small way. With every sunrise there's a new opportunity to make your mark on this world. Today, I can't even believe I'm 49. I am so blessed with a beautiful family, a great job, good health, and a forgiving God. I am so grateful, even though I often seem to take so many things for granted. A birthday is a great day to take inventory of your life, your goals, your heart. This coming year, I have several "new year resolutions". I learned a long time ago that a goals is just a dream until it's written down. I hope to share my goals and my progress toward achieving them on my blog. We can all learn from eachother's experiences and journeys. Here's to October 2, 1962

Thursday, September 29, 2011

First blog post

Today was a day of saying hello to new adventures and goodbye to others.  I have started a blog in hopes of staying in touch with my facebook friends as well as creating an interesting place for friends to find positivity for their lives.  My hope is to bring a smile to any reader of my blog through sharing my adventures and who I am.  Thanks for sharing my experiences with me and for joining me on my journey...... it could be a wild ride!