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Friday, October 28, 2011

8 days and counting

I'm watching the seconds tic away on the WHM race clock and I'm filled with excitement, butterflies, a little fear and jitters.  I know I've done all I could do to prepare and now I put my body to the ultimate test.  It's been a long and often painful journey over the past 5 months.  But, I wouldn't trade a minute of it (except for a couple of the spills on the trails maybe).  I've tried hard to be aware of the journey and not just focused on the destination.  I've journaled every run and workout and it's amazing to look back over the months and see the progress.  My shuffle is loaded with awesome tunes, my shoes are worn but ready, and my heart is filled with excitement.  In the words of a fellow blogger : "You don't get it by STARING, you don't get it by WISHING, you don't get it by DROOLING, you don't get it by HOPING, you don't get it EASY. You get it by getting off your ass,
WORKING FOR IT every SECOND of every DAY for the rest of your LIFE". 

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