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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!  2013 is off to a great start.  I can't believe it's been 2 months since I last posted.  I would be a horrible blogger.... good thing it's not my day job!
Before heading into 2013 I spent some time reflecting on my journey through 2012.  I am not  typically an retro-thinker and dwell on the past.  However, 2012 had some pretty amazing moments that I wanted to memorialize.  It was a year of journeying into who I am at this stage in my life.  Turning 50 was quite momentous for me.  I think I have been fighting the anticipation of that day for a few years now.  I did not, in any way, shape or form want to be 50.  I think I built it into a jumping off place into old age, senior discounts, "it's all downhill from here".  The journey through 2012 helped me to understand that I am not who I was when I was in my 30's and 40's and I'm actually grateful for that.  I am now very confident in who I am.  I don't find myself consumed with what others might think about what I'm wearing, what I say, a decision I make or my opinion.  I noticed I was finding joy in some of the smaller, less obvious moments in  my life.  I had journeyed away from my marriage in both my mind and my heart but 2012 was about a journey back home.  I continued to run but found running more satisfying when I wasn't running away from my life but rather running toward it. And, running became less of an obsession and more of a hobby.
2012 was all about coming home... home to myself ..... home to a new self that was the result of many mistakes and many successes over the past few years.  I am so grateful to be home, to be loved, forgiven, blessed, joyous, and at peace.

Now.... let the 2013 shenanigans begin!

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