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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crazy how fast 4 years have passed by.  I am saddened and somewhat anxious about the election results yesterday.  Maybe I'm "old" or "old fashioned" but the numbers of people on government support (be real.... you and I are paying their bills, not the government) is frustrating.  I met a young lady the other day that has decided she wants to be a stay home mom so she's applied and receiving food stamps so she can raise her child. WOW.  How nice it would have been for someone to pay my bills so I could stay home with my little ones.  That was not the work ethic I was raised with.  I worked because I had to, no one was going to pay my bills and I am a bit too prideful to allow someone else to "take care of me" when I'm perfectly capable to take care of myself.
The next four years could very well be the most defining for our country in many, many years.  I hope and pray that my fears are only fantasy and do not come true. In the mean time, I go to work everyday because it's a gift to be able to do so.  I don't want a free ride -  unless it's to Disneyland.

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