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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Unexpected turns

How does it happen? I'm moving through my life, seemingly happy and content, when a twist and turn has me take my eyes off my path and down a different road. I am definitely one to take the road less traveled.  I love an adventure - one with excitement and even a little risk. But there are times I even step a little over the line of safety and into a place of turmoil and confusion. What I've learned about myself is that I am incredibly strong and can achieve many things without anyone's help. My mom raised me that way. I typically don't rely on others. But this "strength" pattern tends to set me apart & keeps me isolated.  It is not always good - especially when I do need help making sense of things. Knowing and doing are not always synonymous. Especially if the doing is hard. But, I am a woman of great faith and I know that I am never truly alone. It's these conversations I have with my Lord that keep me focused and coming home to truth. So when I get distracted and an tempted at a fork in the road, I pray for guidance in my decisions.

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