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Saturday, September 28, 2013

There are only 6 weeks left until the Komen 3 Day!  Where has the time gone?  I have been horrible at updating my blog - time just seems to fly.  
Today was an 18 mile training walk and it was brutal.  My hips hurt and I think my pinkie toes are going to fall off.  I packed protein pancakes and we stopped several times for coffee, stretching and rest.  It took 8 hours to walk 18.3 miles ...... 8 hours of walking!  I cant remember ever doing anything for 8 hours straight in my whole life! 

I am so glad we did it today because it was a real eye opener for me in many ways.  I did change socks half way but I should have changed again.  It was cold this morning (54 degrees) and I wore long leggings but, by noon I was really warm.  The high today is 91!  My pack will hold a lot but I'm not sure I can get a whole change of clothes in there.    

I also noticed that I ran out of energy really fast!  By 13 miles I was really hungry and a protein bar was not going to cut it.  As a vegetarian, I am going to have to spend some time really looking at my food options.  We burned over 2000 calories but I think I took in probably 700.  That's a big difference.  I will be searching for good carbs, fats and proteins that I can fit in my big fanny pack.  

I have trained over 475 miles since April 1 and have raised $2018.00.  Almost there!!  

6 more weeks and the day is here!  I'm so excited and encouraged by my friends's and family's support.  I am grateful for ice packs, Advil, public restrooms and my Bestie and walking partner Denise - Team Leader for our Soul Sisters team.  

Thanks for checking in!  To help out please go to www.the3day.org\goto\KellyKing

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